Chuck & Lauren

Chuck Brown (otherwise affectionately known as Chuckleberryfinn, Chuckynugget or ChuckieChan) and I met in Singapore whilst I was living and working there and he was there for an incredible event called Asia Open.

Fast forward 5 years to 2022, I’ve just turned 30 and I have decided to get more stuck in with this west coast swing thing and dabble in teaching.

Starting as a silent assistant at Neverland Swing and Summer Summit 2022 and being given the chance by so many other fabulous event directors to work with Chuck, we started to grow together as a partnership. Honestly, it’s been a whirlwind but the good kind, like cotton candy collecting on a stick.

Where I come from, we have a saying, they fit together like chalk and cheese - I would say this is the best explanation for Chuck and me.

About Chuck

Chuck Brown gives so much to this community that he loves dearly. He cares for the individual as well as the events and WCS families around the world. Even after doing this for 20-plus years, he remains humble yet passionate and constantly seeks new understanding, lessons and inspiration from other pros and fellow dancers.

Despite being a highly experienced chief judge, he strives to help dancers find their feet and be proud of every moment in their dance journeys and remind them it is not about the scores from others that define us.

I am incredibly grateful for the support I get from Chuck, he took a chance on me, a ‘slightly’ erratic advanced dancer, and continues to ‘big me up’ in our workshops, calm me down and remind me of what’s important during the many times I get stressed or anxious, and pushes me each time we work together to become a better dancer and teacher.

Chalk & Cheese!

As much as we are complete opposites on so many levels, we both adore this dance, the people in it and want only to grow and help grow in what we know as ‘our Happy Place’.

We team up for workshops, chief judging and judging, emceeing, event support and marketing, demos and of course, social dancing.

For more information please contact me.

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